Here’s a photo of me looking impressive…

…because I want you to respect and like me.


About me and my website

I had a bit here that sounded really impressive and was quite inspiring.

I know because that’s why I wrote it.

But it bugged me so much.

I went to sleep feeling like a fake.

Like a fraud.

I’ve had critics chew me out saying I’m a fraud, and you know what? In a way they’re right.

I created this website because I was frustrated with jobs and I wanted a way to make money following my passions.

And share my journey and lessons along the way.

I thought I had to be “helpful” and “a leader” and inspiring to anyone thinking of doing the same thing…

But that felt too forced. So I decided to just wing it, accept that I’m just a dude with ambitions who fucks up like any one of us… The only difference being that I’m actually going after my desires and not settling for a job I don’t like… A decision any one of us can make at any time.

So I deleted all the fake inspirational positive shit I wrote (although I do practice positivity in my own life and write articles about positivity as a practical philosophy) and wrote stuff from my cold cold heart. Like this.

If you want to hear my lessons and musings about living life to the fullest or whatever, click on “My Pretentious Blog” below.

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I hope my pretentious thoughts inspire you or something. See you inside!


Brand Design

One thing I’d do in High School was doodle.

I hated being still. Doodling helped me listen…

But who am I kidding, I wasn’t really listening.

I was designing. I sold gum to kids in school and I created my own brand for myself.

I would doodle logos, fonts, graphics.

I even won a contest to design the official school water bottle!

More recently I developed my skills more through online and in-person courses, and sold my branding and design skills professionally.

The most important thing I’ve realized is that a good logo is a symptom of a good brand.

And a good brand is a symptom of alignment and clear values and intentions in the person or organization.

I don’t work with just anyone, I work with people who understand that a brand is just your purpose, values and personality translated into visuals.

And I have to like you.

If you want to apply to become my next client, click on the link below and I’ll reach out in the next couple days.


So I travel sometimes.

I’ve been to some of the world and I want to go to more.

The world is a cool place.

And I find the more I see the world, the more I enjoy life, the more confident I am, the more comfortable I am in myself…

It’s pretty much the best thing since sliced bread.

So I wrote an ebook with my friend, Kelly Washatka, and I give it out for free to all my subscribers.
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I love to craft. You have no idea.

I dream of knitting needles. And wood chisles. And a bookbinder’s loom.

I’ve tried almost everything there is… I’ve knit. I’ve bound books by hand. I’ve carved rock.

This is one of the areas I will not self-deprecate because I’m confident as fuck in my ability to make quality shit and sell it.

Anyway, I’ve created a link to some of my stuff, and from time to time I might sell my wares here on the site. Who knows.


I need minions.

So let me just say it.

I need minions.

I want to live my life to the fullest and I need people to give me money if I am to do that.

Maybe I’m selfish…

But that doesn’t mean I want to steal from you. Or just take your money.

I want to make it worthwhile for you.

Make blog posts that are useful and cool to read and share with your friends…

Sell those “The Spot of Joe” mugs I was talking about…

Maybe write a book or two to sell to you guys and gals…

But I’m not going to hide it. I want your money.

But first I need access to your inbox. Don’t worry I won’t send spam… It costs too much to ship Spam with refrigeration and everything.

You get that free travel ebook I wrote with my friend Kelly Washatka, and exclusive content and discounts I only email to my loyal email list.

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