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About the Founder

Joe Buchoff created infinite momentum to share his understanding of emotion, flow and path, and how freeing oneself to follow their passions by becoming aware of their inner world of emotions and intentions enables a more fulfilling, passionate life. Passion = momentum.

From an early age, Joe enjoyed travel. His family moved from place to place starting when he turned 7, across many different cities in California, and later, Joe lived in Florida, New Jersey, Colombia and Latvia among other places.

Travel was in his blood, and the adventure lived deep inside him. At the age of 2, his parents provided him a therapist, helping him become aware of his internal processes. Throughout his life, he'd learn to analyze his emotions, discover his internal motivations and develop his sense of himself.

He began to journal in college, over three years writing every single night, into over 1,500 pages of journals. Soon, a sense of deeper purpose developed within him, a sense of something past all the day-to-day responsibilities of life, past all the relationship drama and excitement of growing up. Something eternal, what people call purpose.

Realizing that his diploma was a tool to get a job, a job he didn't want and would never use, Joe dropped out of Rutgers and a promising Computer Science career to travel the world and share his purpose with the world, to inspire people to inspire themselves. 

Joe believes a world of aware people, living life from a place of congruence, flowing from a place of awareness is a world worth living in. By sharing his lessons from his experience in therapy for over 90% of his life, and from his travels, Joe hopes to create this world right here, right now.

Check out the blog to learn more about how you can live deeper than money, accomplishment or fame and live a life of passion and fulfillment through your purpose!



How else would you find what gives your heart wants?

Through travel, classes, meet ups, self-reflection, exploration helps you gain clarity on your direction  and start the journey!

This photo, I took at the top of a mountain in Colombia. Absolutely gorgeous! I want you to find what you think is gorgeous.

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And when you're unsure of your direction, cultivating a calm awareness of yourself enables you to gain the clarity necessary for finding your direction again.

I want to create more passion, momentum and congruence in the world, I feel this is the best way to raise the quality of life!

So I often post exercises which help you gain an awareness of yourself so you can find your direction.

Read the blog to gain skills, maintain your self-awareness and follow your genuine path!


Create Internal Clarity

I believe we each have genuine desires within us.

I believe the way towards fulfillment is by moving towards I desires, gaining momentum.

I believe everything is possible.

I believe sharing this, and enabling as many people as possible to gain clarity on their desires,

and build momentum towards their desires is the key towards creating a wonderful world we would all love to live in.

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